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Pebble Dance Pointe Shoe Covers

Our Pointe Shoe Covers are truly unique. We’re the only brand who make a lycra-only, suede-free pointe shoe cover. This means ours look exactly like coloured pointe shoes and can be used for photo shoots and performances. They are bold, bright and sleek.

They are available in glossy Nylon Lycra in Red, Black, White, Royal Blue and Ballet Pink, and in Stretch Lace in Black and Red. The White covers can be dyed using acid dyes, such as I-Dye-Poly by Jacquard. This means they can be any colour you want.

They come in three sizes: Small (Size 2-4), Medium (Size 4-6) and Large (Size 6-8). Sizes are approximate and change from brand to brand, as pointe shoe sizes vary between makes and models. If you are not sure what size, we recommend that you buy two sizes, try them on and return the size that does not fit. This is the best way to make sure you get a good fit.

They should be stretched tightly over the shoe. If there is excess or baggy fabric, choose a size down, as excess fabric could cause you to slip. When worn correctly, the covers have a very similar feel to the satin of the pointe shoe. This means that on certain surfaces they could be slippy, so we recommend you take your time with the covers on new surfaces, and if you are a beginner, only use them under the supervision of a qualified teacher. If you choose to use rosin, use it on the inside and outside of the covers.

Pebble Dance Pointe Shoe Covers

Pebble Dance Dance Socks

Our Dance Socks are another invention by us. We noticed that a lot of children, when given the choice, prefer to dance barefoot or in socks. We came up with Dance Socks as a solution to this.  A hybrid between socks and ballet shoes, dance socks are a comfortable alternative to dance shoes. They are made from a single layer of stretchy fabric. This means they are comfortable and allow for full range of toe movement, aiding balance and foot flexibility. They are thick enough to provide protection from friction burns, and cold, whilst allowing the dancer to feel the floor.