We love to promote passionate dancers here at Pebble Dance! We value passion, dedication and personality. These are qualities we look for in our brand ambassadors!

Interested in becoming a Pebble Dance Ambassador? Click here to sign up, then check you email for further instructions! If you’re under 16, you’ll need parental permission. You’ll also need your Instagram account to be public so that we can see your posts!


Our Ambassadors

Jasmine Wood

Instagram: @jasmine_danceruk

Jasmine is 14 years old. She has been dancing since she was three years old with Ondine Academy of Dance and is currently about to take her grade 7 ballet with RAD. She has a passion for dance and hopes you do too! We chose Jasmine to represent us because of her thoughtful answers to the questions we asked her, and the lovely way she interacts with her followers. She represents Pebble Dance’s core values well!




Kora Bea Massey

Instagram: @korabea

Kora-Bea is thirteen years old and has been dancing with Bella Danza Studios in Macclesfield since she was six years old. She trains and enjoys in many genres of dance: ballet, jazz, contemporary, acro and more! She also loves musical theatre, singing and acting and is a Stagebox Manchester Elite team member. She loves performing and hopes to pursue a long West End Career. Here she is in her pair of Pebble Dance Pointe Shoe Covers in black lace!



Allie Armstrong

Instagram: @allie_on_pointe

Allie is 29 and dances at Ponticorvo Ballet Studios in Sprinboro, Ohio, USA. She works full-time as an audiologist during the week. Allie started dancing at 3 and danced through to the age of 18 before stopping to focus on school. Taking classes on and off for years, at 27 decided to go back to dance after seeing posts on social media which made her realise she’d never been taught with correct technique and alignment. Now attending a better studio and taking regular private lessons, Allie’s ankle and feet strength has improved greatly, improving her pointe work so much! We chose Allie as an Ambassador as she’s an excellent example for adult dancers, showing that ballet you don’t have to be professional to keep dancing.