About Us

Pebble Dance started in 2013 as an etsy shop, with the launch of “Coverettes” – early Pebble Dance Pointe Shoe Covers. As these grew in popularity, they started to be sold in shops and are now sold online and in dancewear shops from the UK to Australia.

Nowadays, Pebble Dance sells pointe shoe covers, dance socks, dancewear and costumes.

Pebble Dance Pointe Shoe Covers are the only pointe shoe covers of their kind. All other makes use a suede sole, meaning they can’t be used on stage, and so are only for keeping the shoes clean. Pebble Dance Pointe Shoe Covers, however, are designed to looked streamlined and flawless so are perfect for use in performances and photoshoots.

Pebble Dance Dance Socks are a new addition to our products. Developed in 2017, they are a hybrid between socks and ballet shoes. They are comfortable and low friction, allowing for good floor-feel and balance whilst keeping feet warm and protected from friction burns.

Bespoke Costumes are a large part of Pebble Dance. We make costumes for dancers all over the world. Specializing in contemporary leotards, a Pebble Dance costume really sets you apart from your competition.

Pebble Dance runs from it’s studio in Liverpool, UK and is run by Kat Black, a dancer from the Wirral. All Pebble Dance products are either made at our studio, or by our specially selected seamstresses in their own homes. All of our products are made with love and care, with our employees receiving living wages and respect for their skills. This makes our prices higher than other brands, which export their products abroad for cheap labour, but we think that’s a price worth paying.